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  • Hodes Weill

14 Valentine's Day Tips for Lonely Heart Investment Managers

Love the One You’re With – Your existing investors are your best relationships (hopefully). If they’re not, you’ve got bigger issues. Make sure you are giving them the time and attention they need. When was the last time you sat down one on one to understand their hopes and desires (read goals and objectives)? Listen carefully. You might just learn something new.

  1. Let’s Just Be Friends – Sometimes this means “I’m just not that into you”, but other times it means exactly what they said. Friends are very valuable. They may introduce you to your next investor. Also, check back with friends regularly. Perspective changes with time. “We started out as friends…” is often heard at weddings. Friendship might grow into love.

  2. Confidence is sexy. Hubris is Not – Know your strengths and use them to their fullest. Let them shine through to investors, but don’t shout them every chance you get.

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