Hodes Weill Advantages


  • Sector Crossover: The Real Assets / Infrastructure sector is a natural adjacency to our core competency in Real Estate

  • Favorable Timing: As Infrastructure matures and evolves as an asset class, the market is expanding to include a greater number of dedicated sector specialists with operating capabilities, as well as growing number of diversified middle-market managers

  • Dedicated Personnel: Mark Rudovic leads Hodes Weill’s Real Assets efforts and has extensive relationships with both managers and investors

  • Thematic Approach: Hodes Weill is taking a thematic approach focusing on specific subsectors with both deep investment potential as well as significant interest from investors

  • ESG Oriented: Hodes Weill is focused on working with managers that have a strong underpinning in ESG

Targeted Sectors
Energy Transition
  1. Renewable Power Generation

  2. Battery Storage

  3. Waste-to-Energy

  4. Power-to-X

  5. Smart Grids

Digital Infrastructure
  1. Cell Towers

  2. Data Centers

  3. Fiber

Representative Transactions
Completed Transactions
Capital Raised Dashboard
Global Reach By Location
Social Infrastructure 
  1. Healthcare Facilities

  2. Elderly Housing

  3. Education Facilities

  4. Administrative Facilities

Intellectual Property 
  1. Music

  2. Film

  3. Television

  1. Water / Wastewater Utilities

  2. Water Transport

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