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REIT ZONE: 2015 Survey Says

Cornell University’s Baker Program in Real Estate and Hodes Weill & Associates have released the findings of their third annual Institutional Real Estate Allocations Monitor.

“The 2015 Allocations Monitor focuses on the role of real estate in institutional portfolios, and the impact of institutional allocation trends on the investment management industry,” today’s report notes. “This year’s report includes research collected on a blind basis from 242 institutional investors in 30 countries. The 2015 Participants hold total assets under management exceeding US$11.2 trillion and have portfolio investments in real estate totaling approximately US$950 billion.” The survey included “... 34 questions concerning current and future investments in real estate, portfolio allocations to the asset class, investor conviction, investment management trends and the role of various investment strategies and vehicles within the context of the real estate allocation (e.g., direct investments, private funds, real estate securities, real estate debt and real assets). In 2015, the survey was expanded to include questions regarding historical and target returns as well as environmental, social and governance policies.”

The survey highlighted a number of key findings.

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