Investor trends: US pension funds get their houses in order

US public pension funds are shoring up their real estate portfolios as the market cycle shows no sign of ending. US public pension funds are some of the largest institutional real estate investors in the world, and so they are some of the most keenly monitored. “The big US investors are only getting bigger,” says Alok Gaur, global head of the client capital group at LaSalle Investment Management. “They command such a substantial market share that other investors inevitably watch what they do.” Read the full article here.

How managers are fundraising for a downturn

Many firms are seeking ways to secure dry powder in the event of an economic slowdown, but these tactics do not always benefit investors. It is a longstanding predicament in the private real estate industry: the optimal time to raise capital and the optimal time to deploy capital are often at odds with each other. As James Jacobs, head of real estate in the private capital advisory group at investment bank Lazard, puts it: “The easiest time to raise capital is often the most difficult time to invest it, whereas the hardest time to raise capital is often the best time to invest in real estate.” Read the entire article here.

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